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全面屍控 MOD apk (God Mode)(High Damage) v1.17.40

全面屍控 MOD apk (God Mode)(High Damage) v1.17.40
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The "corpse speed train" has broken through the last line of defense of human civilization. The splendid splendor that human beings have built in five thousand years, only the ruins are left… "Comprehensive corpse control"…

You are a "survivor" who fought alone. Only by forming an alliance with your companions outside the smoke and guns, using strategies, fighting together, and hunting zombies, can you resist the engulfing and nibbling of the dark doomsday…

You are also the "survivor" of human hope, leading lost partners, making good use of wisdom to lead, organizing alliances, exploring and pioneering, using scarce resources, and rebuilding homeland step by step.

50 million doomsday warriors are rescuing the collapsed world, all kinds of style heroes, armed with confident gun blades, and heroically killing the enemy. Taiwan's exclusive hero "Candy" in student uniforms is on stage, shooting zombies with you!!

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※The game content involves sex, violence, and inappropriate language.

※The game plot is purely fictitious, pay attention to the time of use, and do not indulge in or imitate it improperly.

※Part of the content must be paid separately, please do not use others to store it to avoid breaking the law.

全面屍控 MOD apk (God Mode)(High Damage) v1.17.40
Internal cheating device
1. Damage Multiplier damage regulator
2. ONE HIT KILL must kill in one blow
3. God Mode God mode
For the first time the game runs, it will be required to turn on the floating windows of floating windows. Please find the game in the list, choose to open, and then open the game
[Reminder] If you cannot enter the game, try the game accelerator or network tool (scientific Internet V).
全面屍控 MOD apk [God Mode][High Damage] v1.17.40
Download - 284.89 MB

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