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ONE PUNCH MAN 一撃マジファイト:対戦格闘ゲーム

ONE PUNCH MAN 一撃マジファイト:対戦格闘ゲーム
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This is the hero "Saitama" who is going to defeat all enemies with one punch. With enough training to lose all his hair, he has the ability to defeat any enemy with a single shot…

"ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest" offers various characters, from the heroes from the original anime to monsters who appear as enemies, in their own team, and fight against enemies. Develop your favorite characters as you progress through the story, and make the strongest team! Face even bigger villains in a turn-based fight commando battle RPG that truly reproduces the world of One Punch Man!

◆ The strongest protagonist “Saitama” appears as a special move!
In addition to the characters that can be built as your own team, the invincible main character "Saitama" has appeared as a "one-punch kills". Fill up the gauge during battle, and overwhelming power when Saitama rushes to crush your enemy with one blow! Enjoy super exhilarating battle fighting in a fighting game!

◆ Unleash epic battle action!
In addition to the 2D character action, the cut-in is gorgeous animation! The most epic special moves you can see in Genos, such as Genos and licensed riders are waiting for you!

◆Find your friends and form a guild!
Join a guild with Magi Users and play together! Once you enter the guild, you will have to patrol the city, kill monsters, Guild original quest, mini games, and so much more! Team up with your friends and compete with other guilds!

◆Build a team with the strongest characters!
Even the heroes who suffered from heroes such as Ashura Kabuto, Deep Sea King, Boros and more, can be assembled into teams with their heroes! More than 80 gorgeous characters are waiting for you in Magici! Assemble your team of up to 6 characters and prepare for battle with new enemies!

◆ Endless strategy combinations, build your team to victory!
The timing of your skills and the combination of characters will determine the victory or defeat! Plan your strategy and use different special moves for each character to destroy the oncoming enemies! !

◆Train and bring your favorite characters to life!
Do various quests and upgrade your character. Level up each character's unique special moves and abilities and train your favorite characters for your battle! PvE, PvP, GvG, co-op with other players and train your characters to win!

◆Original Costume for Magifi
Many Punch Man characters dressed up in the game's original costumes! Dress them up in exclusive costumes and items to maximize the character's charm!

These users are currently playing and want to enjoy a battle! Combine characters anytime and anywhere to experience the most immersive and strategic sync match!

◆Investigate the city with Saitama!
In Saitama mode, you can explore the city with Saitama! Use the suspicious objects and mystery safes scattered around the city to solve new cases!

◆ Relive the episode of the TV animation “One Punch Man”!
A fighting adventure game that truly recreates the world of TV anime "One Punch Man"! As you progress through the scenarios, you can relive those exciting scenes and stories from the anime as many times as you want!

◆ Gorgeous voice actors
Shin Furigawa / Kazuto Stone river / Yuki Kazoba / Yuuki Yuki / Kazu Hiroki Mountain
Kenjiro Tsuda / Minami Takahill / Tetsuaki Genda / Hiroki Yasumoto / Takashi Sakurai
Saki Hino / Yoji Ueda / Koji Torikai / Kazuichi Konishi / Hiroshi Hatano
Masaya Onozaka / Mamoru Miyano / Saori Hayami / Yuichi Nakamura / Hi bright Green River
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ONE PUNCH MAN 一撃マジファイト:対戦格闘ゲーム

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